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You have been able to find us personally for years, but we have created an e-commerce platform for easy online transactions!

The Perfect Gifts

Our Site is packed full with brilliant gift giving ideas! We love when our products become gifts. Contact us to ask about gift packaging. 

Masters of the Craft

We truly refine whatever it is we are working on until we reach perfection. We refuse to settle and that dedication to the craft shows.

Meet The Team

Adam Eckert

Adam Eckert

Founder & Co-Owner

Adam is a brilliant creative content developer. His unique approach and perspective is what has helped get him to where he is today. He is always finding treasures and coming up with new ways to reinvent them.

Keaton Schilling

Keaton Schilling


Keaton is typically on the brink of something new and exciting. He has a vision for the future which he is constantly chasing. His work ethic is sublime.